Website Update

So the website is a week old, few issues last week as expected, thank you for your feedback and patience. If for any reason from this point you are unable to add a scoresheet to the website then let me know or forward me a copy by e-mail and I will add, doesn’t take long. All known bugs fixed over the weekend, the biggest issue is where players have moved clubs since last year or are new and so don’t appear in the dropdown for the club.

The Add New player option in the dropdown now works, looking for the system to check the surname added against exiting players in the Db before adding so as to reduce duplicates, it might be that the player is in the Db but against a different club.

There is an issue where two sides from the same club play each other regards how it shows the scoresheet, this is being fixed today.We are looking to have the reminder e-mails to opposing captains going live this week.

Captains and fixture secretarys, your login is firstname.surname, if you don’t know your password, go to LOGIN and say Lost password? to get a new password e-mailed to you.

New user guide uploaded…

Quick tip: When adding the scores you can use the dropdown but I find it quicker to click on the first score box in the first rubber, ignore the dropdown and just type the value, then press tab to go to the next box. Keep pressing tab to cycle through all the score boxes. If the score is in the teens i.e. 12 then when you type 11 it goes to 10, hit 1 again and it goes to 11, 1 again it goes to 12 etc. If you have a scan of the scoresheet then please attach it.

Thanks all

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