Coronavirus/Covid 19

From Karen Sylvester, chairperson:

As you will all be aware we are very close now to the end of the season with only a small number of matches left to play. You may have also noticed that a certain virus has been dominating the news at the moment and with that in mind I wanted to update all in the league with regards how that may affect our league this year. With regards future games, the current recommendation is that we follow UK government advice i.e. unless the government dictates that people should socially isolate then if people want to play badminton whether in their clubs or in a match then they can. Having said that I want to stress that this is totally optional and if anyone is uncomfortable with playing then they are in no way obliged to play and there will be no penalties because of this – this will be a unique situation at the end of the year if not all games played however we will work through to make sure we organise next years league as fairly as possible. Added to the above I feel I do have to mention the committee have been contacted in order to let us know a member of the league has been recently diagnosed with the Coronavirus. We wish them a very speedy recovery and want to reassure people in the league that the correct precautions have been taken. The individual hasn’t played against other clubs in the league for the last 3 weeks so anyone concerned should be reassured that they are not at high risk themselves. Having said that for transparency reasons I feel it right to inform people so they are aware. If anyone has any particular worries or concerns then please contact me. Karen

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