Great Cup Final

Excellent cup final at the USW Sports park in Treforest, really high level of play and well contested. Holmview A beat Heath A 5-4, went to the wire, lots of rubbers going to 3 games.

Heath C managed to beat Reardon Smith 6-3, again lots of rubbers going to 3 games, all very competitive. Well done all for an enjoyable day.

On a personal note, I hope you appreciate that handicapping is not an exact science, it’s a best guess based on the data at hand to make the match competitive and give everyone a chance. Ideally matches are won 5-4 and the rubbers go to 3 games. As a committee member I think the handicapping this year has been pretty good without any one sided matches.

For those who felt it was incorrect, thanks for your feedback, each club has a representative at the handicapping meetings, if you want to help and represent your club then happy days, come along.

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