Coronavirus/Covid 19

From Karen Sylvester, chairperson:

As you will all be aware we are very close now to the end of the season with only a small number of matches left to play. You may have also noticed that a certain virus has been dominating the news at the moment and with that in mind I wanted to update all in the league with regards how that may affect our league this year. With regards future games, the current recommendation is that we follow UK government advice i.e. unless the government dictates that people should socially isolate then if people want to play badminton whether in their clubs or in a match then they can. Having said that I want to stress that this is totally optional and if anyone is uncomfortable with playing then they are in no way obliged to play and there will be no penalties because of this – this will be a unique situation at the end of the year if not all games played however we will work through to make sure we organise next years league as fairly as possible. Added to the above I feel I do have to mention the committee have been contacted in order to let us know a member of the league has been recently diagnosed with the Coronavirus. We wish them a very speedy recovery and want to reassure people in the league that the correct precautions have been taken. The individual hasn’t played against other clubs in the league for the last 3 weeks so anyone concerned should be reassured that they are not at high risk themselves. Having said that for transparency reasons I feel it right to inform people so they are aware. If anyone has any particular worries or concerns then please contact me. Karen

2nd Annual Closed Tournament

Victor Pang will be organising a tournament in Swansea 22nd this month, Feb 2020. Its an official Badminton Wales tournament and included cash prizes, trophies and metals. Players who did well last year were selected to represent Wales to compete in Graded UK national event which held in Ireland Emirates Arena (against Ireland and England). We had 60 players turned up last year. This tournament will have a mixture of Cardiff uni, Swansea uni, USW uni and divison 1-4 local league players from different part of Wales. Should be great fun! Contact Victor if you are interested

Presentation night

The presentation night has been held at Heath Social club for quite a while now, I wasn’t there last year but told attendance was poor. So the committee have decided to mix things up and have changed the venue to improve attendance. It’s not all about trophies and medals….well it is but it’s also an opportunity to have a good night out with fellow players and celebrate the Cardiff league.

It was felt a central Cardiff location would be better for transport and you can make a night of it if you want. Personally I like Philharmonic, they have poles to dance on….

We have booked the upstairs function room and have our own bar and toilets. There is a outside decking area if it’s a nice evening. There will be no raffle and unfortunately no under 18’s are allowed, apologies.

Soda Bar, Mill Lane, Cardiff

Saturday 25th May 7-30-10.30pm

External view
Upstairs outside Decking Area
Dedicated Bar area
Shakey hand – soz

Great Cup Final

Excellent cup final at the USW Sports park in Treforest, really high level of play and well contested. Holmview A beat Heath A 5-4, went to the wire, lots of rubbers going to 3 games.

Heath C managed to beat Reardon Smith 6-3, again lots of rubbers going to 3 games, all very competitive. Well done all for an enjoyable day.

On a personal note, I hope you appreciate that handicapping is not an exact science, it’s a best guess based on the data at hand to make the match competitive and give everyone a chance. Ideally matches are won 5-4 and the rubbers go to 3 games. As a committee member I think the handicapping this year has been pretty good without any one sided matches.

For those who felt it was incorrect, thanks for your feedback, each club has a representative at the handicapping meetings, if you want to help and represent your club then happy days, come along.

Suggestions welcomed…

So we were looking to change the venue of the presentation evening in May to somewhere in Cardiff city, easier for travel purposes and those inclined can make a night of it, lots of options….

Any suggestions welcomed, we have approached O’neils and a few others that end of Cardiff….

Android/IOS Peg board

Cool peg board app for Android/IOS has been developed:

The choosing of ‘fair’ games based on arrival time, games played, levels / mixed balance (if you are a mixed club) with an auto pick feature ensures a court is never empty. The monitoring of electronic verses traditional pegboard has shown a 30%+ increase in court utilisation, which obviously means more games for your members,  App can also be put in Manual mode.

Administration is locked behind a password so that the committee can setup the session configuration.   Each time the App is opened a new session automatically starts with the set configuration.

Matches on a club night are no problem, just remove those courts to start with and then re-add them  once they become available.   You can do this dynamically, so if you ‘share’ a court between match and club night this can be accommodated.

The App contains a player database so when they arrive to play they can just pick themselves off the list.  New players can be added at any time during a session and they get automatically added to the database.

The App is available on both Android and iOS devices.  Its not very power hungry so an older tablet should still work.

A video preview of the App is available here:

There is a nominal cost for the App of £9.99 which will allow support into the future.